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The Position
Under direction of the the Public Public Health Health Director the the Public Public Health Health Officer
(PHO) performs the duties of County Health Officer
set forth in California
Health and and Safety Code Sections 101 000 et et seq ’The PHO provides services and and oversees communicable disease clinic and emergency preparedness activities
for Nevada County The PHO as a a a a a a a licensed physician also provides direction and consultation regarding patient care as needed The PHO is responsible for directing the enforcement of Federal State and and and County health and and and sanitation laws and and and regulations the work of of combating and preventing the the spread of of communicable diseases the the development and and and administration of emergency preparedness plans related to bioterrorism and and and pandemic flu and performs related work as required Key responsibilities include:
• Serves as as Public Health Officer
during a a a a a a a declared incident or emergency including as as appropriate declaration of a a a a public health emergency • Takes appropriate measures to prevent and and control epidemics enforces orders rules and and regulations for for quarantine or isolation required by the the State Department of Health Services takes measures to prevent the the spread of diseases or or or any other contagious infectious or or or communicable disease disease made reportable by regulation to the State Department of Health Services • Detection and and control of communicable diseases diseases sexually transmitted diseases diseases and and tuberculosis consults with physicians and and staff in in the diagnosis and and investigation of suspected communicable disease cases provides consultation to private community providers regarding diagnosis and and treatment of TB and and other communicable diseases • Oversight of clinical operations
• Establishes and and and maintains medical medical standards and and and protocols for for medical medical staff provides clinical services for for TB patients consisting of new patient patient evaluations develops medication schedule and treatment plans prescription of of of medicines and ongoing monitoring of of of patients as needed the provision of of of TB clinical services are to to be provided by primary care care or or specialty care care with Public Health consultation and coordination
• Consults with Truckee reproductive health clinic staff for urgent cases • Oversees the maintenance of of of medical records of of of services and patient conditions ensuring confidentiality of of of patient records in accordance with California

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