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• Participates in in in case conferences and and and consulting with clinical staff and and and is available at at at private practice and and and residence for telephone consultations with public and environmental health staff • Assists with the development and administration of emergency preparedness plans related to bioterrorism pandemic flu and and and other other viruses and and and other other events
• Participates in in in in the planning and and development of department policy and and procedures in in in in clinical matters
• Adheres to Medicare Medi-Cal and and and other federal and and and state regulations of publicly funded health programs and and and all County Public Health Department policies and procedures • Investigates health and sanitary conditions in the County’s jail at at least annually
• Advises and cooperates with the County’s Environmental Health Department in preventive measures to protect and preserve the the public public public from public public public hazards including hazardous wastes posing a a a a a a a a a threat to the the public public public health takes actions necessary to abate health emergencies or protect persons affected
• Acts in an an an advisory capacity for the Department’s health education and and medical referral programs and and makes presentations to to various community groups on
public health related topics
• Responds to media regarding public public health health disease-related questions and public public health health declared emergencies 

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