Page 16 - Batari School Digital Yearbook 2021
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Dear Students,

                                                                        Welcome to our 2021

                                                                              Online Yearbook.

                                                This Yearbook is a snapshot of the highlights and memorable

                                           events of the year, and a record of the students and teachers who

                                             contributed for the whole year. I hope it will remind you of good

                                            times with friends, the new people you met, our diverse cultures,

                                               sports, cultural, performing arts events, your year of learning

                                                                 and striving to be better in all that you do.

                                               The year 2021 marks one year since the pandemic of Covid 19

                                            started. This is a significant milestone. What should have been a

                                                year of celebration, and a special final year for students, was

                                             overshadowed by coronavirus. I am proud of what each of us did

                                                in response to the pandemic and what we achieved together,

                                             New Experiences of Learning both for teacher and student. Well

                                            done to you for coming through the year so well, in the face of so

                                                                                         much uncertainty.

                                                  For me, this year is summed up by these two images; What

                                              draws us together with others is what matters in life, and How

                                               adaptable we can be when faced with challenges and barriers!

                                             Since last year, we learned what it is to be locked down, locked

                                                    out, bubbled, hand sanitised, isolated, socially distanced,

                                               masked, traced, and tested. We found ways to unite and work

                                                   together. With technology and creativity, we were able to

                                                   maintain our sense of community. Students found ways to

                                                 connect, have fun, be supportive, while continuing to access

                                                   education. How we respond to life’s challenges, makes us

                                                                         stronger and builds our confidence.

                                                       Despite everything, 2021 has been a successful year.

                                                 I hope you feel you have been guided through the journey of

                                              online learning with your teachers. To you all I extend my very

                                                                                 best wishes for the future.

                                               Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year.

                                                                           I am honoured to be a Principal.

                                                                                                                            Best Regards,

                                                                                                                           Ms Komalasari
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