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Our Pledge to You

           Dear Real Estate Clients and Consumers,

      M                                     I am often asked the question …”Why should I select a Real
      UE TEA                                it’s the very question I asked myself over 20 years ago when
                                            Estate Team rather than an agent who works alone?” Ironically,

                                            I formed what has become one of North America’s most
                                            successful Real Estate Teams...The Vanderblue Team.

      RBL                                 JULIE VANDERBLUE  Obviously, I cannot claim credit as the originator of the
                                            Professional Team concept.  Anybody who has visited a
                                            hospital, law firm or been served by any of a host of highly
                                            skilled professional practitioners, will recall the elevated
      NDE                                   benefits received by not only having the broad knowledge of the

                                            general practitioner or lead lawyer, but also the expertise of the
      A   specialists on their team. It is only through the combined dedication, commitment and specialized
          education of a highly skilled and synergistic team that the client will reap the greatest reward.
      THE V  It cannot be overstated that every buyer, seller and home is unique...thus each deserves the full

          attention and expertise of not only their agent but also the collaborative effort of an exceedingly
          experienced team. Although this is not the “norm” in Real Estate, we  believe that consumers
          should demand this level of devotion and professionalism. After all, their Realtors are representing
          what is often their largest financial decision.

          I’ve always believed that “None of us is as smart as all of us”…It only makes sense that by
          combining the efforts of a team of professionals, we are able to offer more skill, service and
          benefits to our valued clients…not to mention the perks we provide through our extensive
          community network which offer both financial and personal advantages. When choosing a Realtor,
          please keep in mind that not all teams are formed based on the needs and viewpoints of the
          consumer.  We ask that you give us the opportunity to earn (and sustain) your trust.

          This is not simply about buying and selling homes. Our team culture instills in us that our
          collective purpose is to open doors to MANY opportunities that improve the lifestyles of our
          friends, clients and partners. It would be our privilege to educate and empower you in the world of
          Real Estate… and beyond.

          Julie Vanderblue
          President, Higgins Group
          CEO, Vanderblue Team

       2   203-259-8 326 |  VA N D E R B L U E . C O M
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