Page 9 - The Vanderblue Team's Seller Guide v.3.2023
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Understanding the Market

            1.                 If your home is not being shown, it means that agents

                               think your price is too high.

                               A significant price adjustment.

            2.                 If your home is being shown, but we are not getting any

                               offers, it means that buyers are bidding on other homes
                               that they think offer more


                               A moderate price adjustment.

            3.                 If your home is in the running, but buyers buy

                               something else, or if the buyers view your home a
                               second time, but buy another home, it means we are                                       M
                               most likely close to receiving an offer.                                                 UE TEA


                               A moderate price adjustment.

            •  In the current market condition, price is the number one reason why
               homes are not selling. Although there is low inventory, buyers will not                                  NDE

               accept homes priced too high.                                                                            A
            •  According to the National Association of Realtors, if a house is priced
               correctly, the owners should receive one offer for every 10 showings.
            •  In our market, the number of showings that your home should get                                          THE V
               weekly depends on the price range.

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