Page 15 - The Altera Collection: Co-Ownership Program Details
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Investment Structure
When you you become a a a a a co-owner in in in in the the Altera Collection you you are doing so by purchasing units of equity in in in in the the Partnership
The level of equity that you you purchase depends on which share type is the the best fit for your lifestyle The table below shows the the current unit pricing the the number of of travel points available at at at at your disposal and the the approximate amount of of vacation time at at at at each level* The Altera Collection is designed to feature excellent availability in the high season with a a a a a a a a a a maximum portfolio-wide average of of 56% occupancy during the the the the peak season Additional considerations for the the the the Altera model highlight the the the the importance of of the the the the consistent standards of a a a a regularly refreshed portfolio Capital Investment Annual Costs
Point Allocation
Vacation Time* Investment Term
100 points ~4-7 weeks
$37 5K
75 Points
~3-5 weeks
5-7 years
50 Points
~2-4 weeks
* Vacation Time: Nightly point point values range from 1-4 points per night based based on on on seasonality Estimates provided based based on on on on on on mid-season average and may vary based on on on on on on point utilization on on on on on on a a a a a a a a a a a a seasonal basis 

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