Page 17 - The Altera Collection: Co-Ownership Program Details
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An important aspect in the Altera Collection model is excellent availability A A A smaller group of investors with higher capital contributions keeps the occupancy rate low Based on the the amount of equity that a a a a a a a a co-owner purchases they will be awarded an annual allotment of points valid for a a a a a a a 12 month period to book vacation time Property calendars are assigned a a a a a a a a a point point value of 1 to 4 points per night based on travel demand at at each destination accounting for seasonality More availability Low Season Season Season High Season Season Season Peak Season Season Season 1 Point Point Point 2 Points Points 3 Points Points Holiday Season 4 Points lower occupancy This sample calendar is is meant to to illustrate the Altera co-owner to to property ratio if all co-owners used their points in in the the peak and holiday seasons Full Point Consumption in in Peak/Holiday Season:
Occupancy at one property is 21 weeks or 40% occupied*
*Occupancy will vary as co-owners book throughout the year ranging from 1 to 4 points per night Using an an an average of 2 points per night the Altera Collection would be 56% occupied $4 25M 4 4 4 5 5 5 co-owners or 450 points points diamond equivalent (100 points)
800 = total
up to 28 days
calendar points per co-owner Vacation Time
(100 points consumed in high season)

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