Page 18 - The Altera Collection: Co-Ownership Program Details
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Altera vs Vacation Rental
One of of of the the key benefits of of of any of of of the the Luxus Vacation Properties investments over the the years is the the ability for our co-owners to access a a a a a a vacation home experience at considerable savings when compared to the rental market and Altera is no different!
As an example when comparing the average nightly operating costs of Altera it can cost approximately 3 times more to rent a a a a a a comparable property This doesn’t even factor in the the added value that these homes are are only shared with co-owners Operating Cost Per Night (OCPN)
Altera Operating Cost Per Night: This formula can be calculated by taking the average annual operating costs divided by approximately number of nights utilized each year Altera’s OCPN will average between $800-$1 600 night dependent on on a a a a a number of factors primarily seasonality Rental
Comparison: An average cost to to rent properties comparable to to Altera is is between $1 500-$6 000 per night When comparing the the Altera OCPN versus the the cost of renting comparable properties significant added value is realized 

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