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 However, it’s not just the elephants that keep us busy during a photographic safari on the Chobe River. Herds of buffalo, red lechwe, waterbuck and puku inhabit the floodplains during the dry season, along with hippos, crocodiles, water monitors and an astonishing number of colourful birds.
When predators like lion or leopard come down to drink, the biggest advantage of being on the boat is that you can photograph them head on and at eye level, which always produces a wonderfully intimate portrait.
Savuti lies in the more remote central region of the park and displays a stark contrast to the Chobe River which has water all year round. Here, the landscape is arid and harsh and is governed by a mysteriously unpredictable water channel.
With a history of flooding and drying up, seemingly unconnected to heavy rains and flood levels elsewhere, the Savuti channel has had locals and geologists perplexed over the years.
Precisely because of its dramatic game viewing and somewhat eerie atmosphere, Savuti combines perfectly with a Chobe River safari. It is also well known as one of the best areas for big cat viewing. The Savuti lion pride has earned a fearsome reputation for hunting elephant, but
Previous pages: Early winter mornings are perfect to photograph Little Bee- eaters cuddling up on the reeds that surround the Chobe floodplains.
Above: A Nile Crocodile and a dragonfly float in perfect harmony along the river bank framed by the warm colours of the trees reflecting in the still water.
Right: An elusive leopard uses the lush green vegetation as a cover whilst looking out for its next meal. Leopards are expert ambush hunters relying on their perfect camouflage to stalk their prey.

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