Page 37 - Discover Botswana 23rd Edition 2023
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 other predators like leopard, wild dog, spotted hyena and even cheetah are also abundant in the area.
During the dry months one can spend the day sitting quietly by one of the few pumped waterholes and witness a variety of mammals and birds that is quite exceptional.
Elephant, giraffe, buffalo, kudu, impala, wildebeest and even roan antelope can be seen around one waterhole while predators hide in the bushes waiting for their turn to drink. The interaction between these jostling animals is not only thrilling to watch but also makes for some exciting photography!
During the summer months the myriad pans fill with water and transform the open plains into a playground for new-born wildlife, as many antelope give birth at this time. The marshland regenerates and attracts vast herds of plains game as well as many migratory birds.
Below: An African buffalo obtains nutrition from the grasses and aquatic plant life on this life giving river. Chobe is also famous for its large numbers of these magnificent bovids.

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