Page 78 - Discover Botswana 23rd Edition 2023
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     Taste of Botswana, is a collection of recipes exhibiting the lifestyle and culture of the Batswana people. The first edition of Taste of Botswana won the “Best African Cookbook
  of the world” at the prestigious Gourmand Awards in 2018.
The recipes are accompanied by photographs and poetry, capturing intimate close ups of the traditional family ceremony, abundant harvests, mouth-watering greens, meats, grains and breads, and the stark relationship between the natural world, home and the kitchen, and in both the rural and urban settings.
For Batswana, and enthusiasts of African culture, the book is an appreciation and a celebration of one’s own self-love and national pride, as well as allowing International readers an insight into life in Botswana. Essentially, Taste of Botswana demonstrates and appreciates the way Batswana people live, eat, preserve and prepare their food, and how the people mourn, celebrate and see themselves.
Previous pages: Many meals in Botswana are cooked on open fires further adding flavour to the dishes. The cooking fires gather folk around to share stories of their day, the past and hopes for the future.
Above and right: Meat, beans, breads and starches make up the everyday fare in both rural and developed parts of the country. Taste of Botswana offers a crafted selection of dishes from across the country.

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