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The book also serves as a cultural education. As Alexander McCall Smith wrote in his foreword to Taste of Botswana - “As an author, I find that writing about the country’s food that the characters in a story prepare is a useful way of introducing the reader to the nature of the country.”
The publications primary purpose is to highlight the ever expanding and united nature of Africa and Africans, as a deliberate effort to change the limited and often false narratives about the continent as being needy and impoverished. For Botswana-themed events at your restaurant or home, Taste of Botswana is a useful and accurate reference. The thoughtful process behind each recipe not only describes the content of a dish but also the cultural context within which it is enjoyed.
Ednah Rosen’s seasoned pallet truly honours her culture by passing on much loved traditional recipes, like the simply delicious, soft, juicy Seswaa, a slow cooked pounded meat. She however, still remains true to her ever evolving creative spirit, adding her own unique twist to trusted staple dishes, like her “extra-licious” Feta Cheese Halacha.
Taste of Botswana is not only a collection of recipes but an archive of moments, telling the unique, rich story of Batswana culture through food.
Right: Edna’s creativity and passion for food takes people on a culinary journey and into the very fabric of society of the people of Botswana. Food is often central to maintaining language and culture.
Ednah is a chef, food stylist and cookbook author with a burning passion for food and the preservation of Setswana cuisine and heritage. Ednah was an award winning multicultural chef at the 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards under the category African cuisine. She was born and raised in Mahalapye, Botswana and comes from a very creative family - both her father and mother were genuinely interested in food and this inspired Ednah in the art of cooking at a young age. However, life had many adventures in store for her and as a young lady she met her Swedish boyfriend and ended up relocating to Sweden. There, she loved hosting dinners for family and friends in her leisure time and started developing her culinary skills and ideas. Today Ednah and her photographer and husband Mike, have settled in Botswana. Together, they have published their first book – ‘Taste of Botswana’ which has been a success both locally and Internationally.

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