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Africa in all it’s
Take a step onto nature’s doorstep
  Truly, there are very places in the world where you can quite
literally step onto nature’s doorstep and breathe in the sights
and sounds around you with few interruptions.
Reminiscent of a tree-house, our wrap-around sundowner deck gives you a magnificent view of the Chobe River and its wild residents. In fact, no matter where you may find yourself in our lodge, you can see the Chobe River painting every background.
So, you don’t even have to leave to go on safari or capture that
award-winning photo to capture the essence of Africa!
  Immerse Yourself:
Why The Chobe Marina Experience is For You
We wouldn’t dream of letting you come all this way for a limited itinerary. At Chobe Marina Lodge - you get to choose your ideal Botswana getaway.
From the moment the sun rises, washing the Chobe River in gold, to when it bleeds into the horizon again, and the sky transforms into a tapestry of stars, you design your own safari experience. You decide what you want to do
and when, while our network of locals guide you through a journey of their world.
     Choose your nest:
Riverside Respite: Find Your Sanctuary
Offering warm, personal service, Chobe Marina Lodge has a choice of accommodation in Studios, Suites, or Honeymoon Suites. The charming, thatched accommodation has every modern amenity to provide guests with a relaxed and comfortable stay, not to mention breath-taking views of the Chobe River.
Curate your itinerary, contact

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