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  Access into the Northern Tuli Game Reserve is through three primary points.
One is via Kwena Ntle Farms (Talana). This route will take you through mopane veld before crossing the Motloutse river at Solomon’s wall, the remnants of a 30m high and 10m wide basalt layer which once formed a natural dam wall across the Motloutse River. This is a seasonal crossing and inaccessible during the wet season.
Another route is through the village of Motlhabaneng, where there is a bridge over the imposing Motloutse river. The third access point is via the Pont Drift border from South Africa. To cross this border you drive through the Limpopo river, and while most of the year it runs dry and is crossable by even a sedan, when the mighty Limpopo is in flood, crossing is via a cable car.

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