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Nestled in the middle of the Kalahari - the largest continuous stretch of sand in the world - the Makgadikgadi Pans at first glance seems featureless. However, exploring the Makgadikgadi from above opens up a world of inconceivable size and sheer emptiness, an austere and ancient splendour that boggles the senses. This a place that seems to exist more of sky than earth, unbroken white plains give way to immense swathes of water during the rainy season. Vast herds of zebra and wildebeest kick up plumes of dust as they cross the sun-scorched pans, animal tracks meander in zen patterns across the baked earth, flamingos wade the saline waters of Sowa Pan in their thousands.
Botswana is pure undiluted magic and as close as you will get to experiencing wilderness in its natural state.
Photography is our way of communicating and sharing our passion, our reverence for these vast and enigmatic landscapes that hold within them an infinite amount of life.
Botswana is so vast, wild and inaccessible, that to describe the constantly changing moods of its remote corners in a few pages is virtually impossible. We will let the images tell the story, images that we hope are infused with the magic and the mystery of this place, the original Eden.
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Previous pages: In dreamy contemplation a pod of hippo lingers in the shallow waters on the edge of a sun-baked sandbank in the Okavango Delta.
Facing page left: The herds of the vast Makgadikgadi pans are ephemeral artists. As they wander endlessly in their search for water, their hooves leave behind intricate designs on a great sand canvas.

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