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Flying thousands of hours in their specially modified aircraft, aerial photographers Jay and Jan Roode have spent more than a decade photographing some of the most remote and spectacular wilderness areas of Southern Africa from above. The book Aerial Art is the culmination of a remarkable journey; a vibrant collection of wild and enchanting images that are instantly recognisable by their unique style and approach. Their images convey an intimacy and reverence for the wilderness that reflects their deep passion for the conservation and preservation of the enthralling landscapes they have flown over.
Their photography has been widely published in magazines, including Africa Geographic, National Geographic Travel, Geo, BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian Natures Best, CNN, Wild Travel and the United Nations Environmental Programme publications to name a few. Their images have received commendations in both local and international photographic competitions.
Today Jan and Jay Roode continue documenting Africa from above, and offer bespoke aerial safaris taking visitors to unique locations they have discovered during their travels.
Above: Like living jewels, Flamingo adorn the vast saline lakes of the Makgadikgadi in their thousands. The pans are one of the key breeding sites for greater and lesser Flamingo in southern Africa.

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