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implemented a new quality assurance system, which gives our project team the tools to manage quality on a package by
                                package basis using a series of check sheets and gateway type documents to ensure that the construction complies with
                                                           A Contracts Manager will be appointed to the project on receipt of letter of intent who will be responsible for successful
                                              stakeholders within the business to monitor progress of the closing out of issues. This ensures proactivity in completing
                                          chain from their mobile phone or tablet. The application also generates detailed management information allowing all
                                    the requirements of the design. To assure quality of workmanship on site, we use a smart software called Plan Radar.
                                       Plan Radar allows the site team to take photographs of issues on site, attach them to a drawing and issue to a supply-
                          is continuously developing improved processes to drive quality in our project delivery. We have recently

                      Strategy to achieve the required build quality and standards required by the client

                                                        Customer care / defects rectification policy

                                                 them out to a satisfactory standard.

                                                               delivery, “cradle to grave” – i.e. from first day on site to expiry of the 12 months rectification period. Upon Practical  Completion, the Contracts Manager will remain the single point of contact for any issues identified during the  rectification period and for completing any defects as part of the 12 months making good defects process. This single  point of contact ensures that defects are addressed promptly and enable

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