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   Part Number Description Image
  PYC GP-2500-0562-PC-63
  Packing, 9/16 SYN/PTFE Dry
    PYC GP-7024-0562-PC-70
 9/16” Packing, VIR.TEF.
     PYC GP-7024-0625-PC-70
  Manlid Seal PK70” 5/8 PTFE
      PYC GP-7500-0562-PC-63
   Packing, 9/16” Braided PTFE
       PYC GP-7500-0625-PC-68
 Braided Style 2240 PK68”
     PYC GP-7500-15X10-PC-63
  Manlid Seal, 15x10mm TEF.PKG.
      PYC GP-7500L-0562-PC-68
   Wet Dome Packing
       PYC GP-7500L-0625-PC-68
  PTFE Rope (Wet)
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