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         PYC FT-FL-701026
Flange, Outlet SQ. 3” BSP SI
PYC FT-FL-701027
Flange, Outlet SQ.3” NPT” SL
   PYC 80SMP97
Alum. Placecard Holder
Solid Cap, 3” SS PSC
To locate the Polar Service Center nearest you, please call 1-877-534-2076 west of the Continental Divide and 1-800-955-8558 east of the Continental divide or visit our website at:
PYC FT-FL-701002
Flange, Blind NW 80(3”) SLOT
PYC 3020N
Reducer, 3” FPTx2 MPT SS
PYC FT-FL-701022
Flange, Diptube Adapter
     PYC FTV-741030
Stuffing Box Clamp, Flowmstr.
        PYC FT-PF-SS-WN-300-BSP
BSP HTD. 1 End Nopple, 3” ,304S
PYC FTV-741008
Handle, Flowmaster
PYC MAN-861012
Swingbolt, 91mm BRASS WINNUT
PYC TT-651-S
4” White Gasket, Sure Seal
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