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   RSX GG1443EG
Eaton Extended Service Gripper Kit, 23K, 15X4
        RSX HV88-4707Q-G
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, “Q+”
      RSX HV88-4515Q-G
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, “Q”
      RSX HV88-4515X3-G
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, Frue.
      RSX GR4702QG
Kit, 20K, 15X4, “Q+”
    RSX GG4711Q-G
Grpper Kit, 23K, 16.5X8-5/8, “Q+”
    RSX GG4708EX3-G
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, Fru. Extended Service
        RSX GG4708EQ-G
Extended Service Kit, 23K. 16.5X7, “Q”.
      RSX GG4709ESG
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, Etn. Extended Service
      RSX GG4707QG
Gripper Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, “Q+”
       RSX GG4709ES2G
Extended Service Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, Etn.
     RSX GG4515QQ-G
Gripper Kit, 23K, “Q”
      RSX GG4515X3G
Kit, 23K, 16.5X7, Frue “XQ”
       RSX GG4702Q-G
Kit, 23K, 15X4, “Q+”
     RSX GG4551QG
Kit, 23K, 16.5X8-5/8, “Q”
    To locate the Polar Service Center nearest you, please call 1-877-534-2076 west of the Continental Divide and 1-800-955-8558 east of the Continental divide or visit our website at: 9-39
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