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     Stainless Steel Optic Overfill Prevention Sensors, Holders and Replacement Parts
SP-MCH (SS) Holder
SP-FU (SS) Sensor
 Part Number
  SP-FU (SS) 5-Wire Stainless Steel Optic Sensor
   SCU 08584
  SP-MHC (SS) Stainless Steel Sensor Holder, 3/4” NPT, 2” NPT Mount, for Optic Stainless Steel Sensor
   SCU 08585
  Replacement sensor holder cap
    SCU 31605
  Gasket, VitonA, for SP-MHC(SS) Stainless Steel Sensor Holders
   SCU 31606
  SP-TO(SS) 2-Wire Stainless Steel Optic Sensor
   SCU 08583
  SP-BL(SS) Stainless Steel Thermistor Sensor, Standard Temperature
  SCU 07834
  SP-BLU(SS) Stainless Steel Thermistor Sensor, Low Temperature
 SCU 07837
  SP-BLH(SS) Stainless Steel Thermistor Sensor, High Temperature
 SCU 08588
  SP-MHC(SS) Stainless Steel Sensor Holder, 3/8” NPT, 2” NPT Mount for Thermistor Stainless Steel Sensors
  SCU 08587
 Technical Specifications
 Level Repeatability:
 ±/- 1/16”
  Electrical Leads:
 Five color coded,36” Long teflon insulated wires.
 Sensor; 15.5 oz. (.45kg.) Holder; 2.8lbs. (1.27kg)
  Compatible Control Monitors:
  ST-35, Biclops, Thermistor Optic, Intellitrol, IntelliCheck, Load-anywhere
  Temperature Range:
  -40o F to + 140o F (-40o to +600 C)
   Product Range:
 Groups C&D hazardous materials and non-materials which are compatible with optic sensing technology. Consult the factory with specific questions.
  Exposed Materials:
  316 Stainless Steel, borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, Teflon® seal.
  Refer to diagram.
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