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       Two-Wire Optic Instant-On Overfill prevention Sensors
Retained Product Sensors
Two-Wire Optic Sensors without Holders
Temperature Range: Product Range:
Detection Level:
Exposed Materials:
Level Repeatability: Electrical Leads: Cable Entry:
Technical Specifications
-40oF to + 140o F (-40o C to +600 C) Gasoline blends and light fuel oils
The detection level is adjustable. Refer to sensor outline drawing above, shown for 7” shaft length.
Aluminum, zinc, Borosilicate (Pyrex®) Glass, Epoxy, Conductive nylon and Viton® Seals
±1/16” (1mm)
18” (45 cm) long, 18AWG (0.82 mm2) Two holes, 1/2” NPT threads
The sensor is intrinsically safe for mounting in class l, Division 1, Groups C&D Hazardous location in accordance with Scully Control unit approval ratings
Part Number
SCU 09409 SCU 09414 SCU 09417
SCU 08577
SCU 09065
SCU 08265
SCU 57044
SCU 51451
SCU 20766
SCU 21583
SCU 20888
SCU 50652
SCU 51122
   Model Description Shaft Length Part Number
   SP-TO/ Two-wire optic sensor, 2” NPT 7”
(175mm) SCU 09408
SCU 09416
 MHC holder, 2-1/8” standard cap 12”
15” (375mm)
(300mm) SCU 09413
    SD-5C 5-Element Electronic Dummy SCU 08298
  Part Number
  SP-IR Retained Product Sensor, 2-Wire Optic, with Weld Coupling
   SCU 08819
  SP-IR Retained Product Sensor, 2-Wire Optic, with Weld Coupling, Extended Length
   SCU 08956
  Part Number
  “L1” SP-TO 2-Wire Optic Sensor, 7”
  SCU 09409
  “L1” SP-TO 2-Wire Optic Sensor, 12”
  SCU 09414
  “L1” SP-To 2-Wire Optic Sensor, 15”
   SCU 09417
Shaft Length
7” (175mm) 12” (300mm) 15” (375mm)
Replacement Parts
 SP-TO/MHC Two-Wire Optic Sensor (without holder)
Shaft O-Ring
SP-MHC 2” NPT Threaded Holder Only
SP-MHCF Flange Holder only
Mounting Gasket for SP-MHC Holder
Mounting Lock Nut for SP-MHC Holder
Mounting Gasket for SP-MHC Holder
Cap O-ring
Short Cap (SC), height 1.38” (35mm)
Medium (standard) Cap (MC), height 2.13” (54mm)
Cap Screw
Cap Screw spring washer
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