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What is Long-Term Respiratory Care?
Respiratory care care is a a a a a a a a a healthcare specialty focused on managing and improving patients’ pulmonary function through the use of evidence- based treatments and therapies Ventilator patients who’ve been discharged after a a a a a a a hospital stay often need continued respiratory care provided by skilled therapists tin in a a a a long-term care setting The goal of long-term respiratory care is to to help each each patient reach his or her her best possible health outcomes whether that means gaining mobility and independence decreasing dependence dependence on a a a a ventilator or or transitioning back to the the home environment with the the help of family and caregivers Why Should I Choose ALRS?
For more than 30 years patients and their families have trusted ALRS to to provide quality comprehensive respiratory care • Ourrespiratorytherapistsarestate-licensedandnationally registered or or or certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NRBC) • Wefollowbestpracticesforrespiratorycareasoutlinedbythe American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) • Weoffer24/7on-sitecareandsupport soyoucanbesureour therapists are available whenever they’re needed • Ourrespiratorytherapistsintegrateseamlesslywithyourlong-term care facility’s medical team • Weassesseachpatienttodeterminewhetherheorshecanbe weaned off their dependence on a a a ventilator • Weusethelatestrespiratorycaretechnologytoensurepatient comfort and safety 

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