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O ur experienced medical team works with patients families and other healthcare providers to achieve improved health health outcomes We’re committed to providing 24/7 on-site patient management and support in each of our units And we give caregivers all the the tools they need when a a a a a patient is ready to to transition back to the home What to Expect from ALRS Here’s what you you can expect when you you become an an ALRS patient:
• Your respiratory care will be provided by trained clinicians in in in in a a a a a a a a a safe and clean skilled nursing facility • You’ll be greeted by an experienced licensed respiratory therapist when you arrive • Your therapist will will conduct a a a a a a a thorough patitient assessment to to determine your your current respiratory care care care needs and and will will work with you you you you you and and your your your family or or or caregivers to to to develop a a a a a a a a a a a plan of care care care to help you you you you reach your your goals • Your respiratory status will be closely monitored around the clock • Your care will will be be our our our our utmost priority and and we will will treat you you and and your loved ones as members of our our our our own ALRS family Our mission is is to improve our patients’ health and quality of life by providing outstanding compassionate care and and unparalleled customer service When you or or a a a loved one are looking for quality long-term respiratory care you can depend on on ALRS 

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