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 Is ALRS the Right Solution for You?
If you or your patient meets the following admission criteria, ALRS might be the right solution for you:
• The patient has a tracheostomy
• The patient’s ventilator operates at certain identified
setting thresholds
• The patient does not require dialysis services*
• The patient is not undergoing active cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy
• The patient does not require any sort of movement restraints, whether chemical or physical
• The patient is medically stable
• The patient has at least one payer source
Other factors may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.
* Some ALRS facilities may offer dialysis for ventilator patients. Contact your local ALRS representative for more information.
Contact Us
To learn more about ALRS’ quality respiratory care services, you can contact our local representative or reach out to our corporate office:
Advanced Lifeline Respiratory Services 400 Blankenbaker Pkwy., Suite 301 Louisville, KY 40243
(800) 928-9036

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