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As early as 1876, John Campbell was selling goods in “Old Town” which is the area around East Fifth Street,
     near the cemetery. In 1878, he and John Goldsberry opened a store together, at which time “Old Town” was
     plotted. Merchandise was hauled over the long, rough road from Salem, until the K.C.F.S.M. & B. railroad was
     built through Willow Springs and West Plains in the early 1880s. After that, merchandise was hauled from Wil-
     low Springs and West Plains until the Current River Road was put through Mountain View in 1886 and 1887.

     After the completion of the Current River Road, Mr. F.M. Pullock, who owned 200 acres of land about the pre-
     sent town site, succeeded in encouraging the change from the “Old Town” site to the present site by giving the
     railroad company the depot site, which is where the Community Center now sits.

     After the coming of the railroad, the town grew rapidly. The city was incorporated as a village in 1908 with the
     following officers: F.J. McGrath, chairman; J.R. Stephenson, F.M. Gardiner, A.B. Hope and J.N. Meredith,
     trustees. In 1916, the city was incorporated as a city of the fourth class. Dr. H.E. Ferrell being elected first mayor
     under this organization in 1917.

     Our heartfelt thanks to Jeremy Burks for sharing this information with us and helping us to update some of the location
     names so readers could more easily understand. The original version of this was found in the 1919 Mountain View High
     School yearbook, “The Hillbilly.”

                                            Mountain View City Officials 2020

       City Administrator           Municipal Court Judge       Sanitation Department       Library
         Mike Wake                    William T. Hass             David Abbey                 Beth Smith
       City Attorney                Fire Chief                  Electric Department         Airport
         Charles Cantrell             Stanley Murphy              Josh Ennis                  Mike Wake
       City Clerk                   Chief of Police             Water Department            Golf Course
         Willa Kramer                 Jamie Perkins               Larry Cattell               Dennis Voyles
       City Treasurer/              Animal Control              Parks & Recreation
       Court Clerk                    David Ripko                 Eddie Owens
         Mary Woodruff, CCA         Street Department           Senior Center
                                      Eddie Owens                 Charlotte Davis
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