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  Q: I wanna salute your movement, because it appears to be a representation of the culture. Are all of your movies street oriented?
A: I love doing what I do for the culture. Most of the content I create I love to give some type of message, my background is from the streets of NY. So, the mentality I have might be a lil street orientated.
Q: How did you get into directing?
A: How I became a director was very interesting, I actually came from the old school era where we had video tapes and not memory cards. I just bought a camera and decided to read and study the craft. I wanted to give back to my community, and show them that with a little support we can do anything! I ended up shooting my first movie called "From Scratch." It was in the Bronx, NY.
Q: There are so many powerful stories that still haven't been told, and the powers that be would rather keep those stones un-turned. How do you discover the material that you film?
A: Most film directors would love to tell stories that might change the way people see things in life, in a positive or confrontational way, I try to be so creative that my content doesn't come across negatively, but in a diverse way so people won't be affected or offended.

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