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   I know some of us that tell stories try not to touch certain areas and leave some story-lines alone, because being black it might be hard for us to get it out there or get our point across.
Q: "Spike Lee" is legendary in the entertainment field, because he was a triple threat. Writing, directing, and acting. Do you see yourself attacking the game in that same way?
A: Spike Lee is definitely a legend in the game. He is good in many areas, especially directing and writing. He has an unique way of telling his stories. Now don't get me wrong, I like his acting too, but as for me, I did a lil bit of all 3 myself. But I like to stick to directing and acting. The writers aspect is good, but sometimes it's hard to get your own point across on film.
Q: What's your most notable project thus far?
A: As for projects I've done, I can honestly say "Victoria" was one of those projects that got me where I am now in the film world.
Q: Are you dropping a movie in 2020?
A: 2020 has been a very strange year, but I'm definitely gonna let the world see my talent this year. I have a couple things I will be releasing.
Q: You know I consider myself to be a young Denzel! lol. How does a new actor get a part in a "Money Mark" production?
A: Talent is definitely hard to find, not everybody studies the craft. I'm very selective on who I pick for my projects. For people looking to work with me, I would honestly say study and practice your craft and email monologues and reels.
Q: How can our readers find your work?
A: If anyone was definitely looking for my work, check out my IMDB. It gives you the names of my content to research. I also have a website, googling my name should bring up a lot
.Q: We appreciate you for showing us love, and we'll continue to follow your movement. Anything else you want our readers to know?
A: I would like for people that's reaching for success to not give up, because there's no age limit to success.

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