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 Q: What inspired you to create such a powerful movement?
MECCAGLOBAL: The thing that made me create such a powerful movement is, when I first started in this business back in 1997, the creative genius and multi-talented Producer "Doc" from Queens discovered me actually. So, when he got me signed to "Black Hand Entertainment" as a solo recording artist, and as we were in the studio recording and writing music, I focused on my writing. But just being under Doc, Chaz, and later being under DJ Kay Slay, those types of men always stressed being a boss and a leader. Always talking about ownership is the reason I have full control of any project I have coming from under my own brand. This way I can hire whoever I want to be a part of my own team.
Q: What goals have you set for your company in 2020?
MECCAGLOBAL: I pretty much have the same goals every year, (to go harder than I did last year) and I actually execute all of my goals ahead of schedule. I am a workaholic. I am very focused, I have no time for nonsense. I guess it's a Virgo thing. lol.
Q: How can people contact you?
MECCAGLOBAL: They can hit my assistant Asia. If they want me to come out to their events to cover their media events to capture photos or footage, or to interview them or their artist music videos in my TV show, or to get a interview on my radio show, podcast, my blog, or even for me to be a part of mentoring or giving back to the hood or anything serious. After my team for my company S.Baker Media Group checks to see if it's a solid request, then we go from there. Email her with ALL the details, the contact person's name and phone number.
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