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Q: First and foremost, it's understood that the fashion world is a billion dollar business, and it's supported by many different cultures throughout the world! What inspired you to create the "Villionaire" clothing line?
2Face: Roc-A-Wear in the 2000's, I was killin' it! I was 14 or 15 years old when I got the idea. I had the connections to do it! I designed a shirt for Hood day, and the homies fucked with it. One of them used it for his album cover. I said "Damn, I need to own my shit!"
Q: Have you always been into fashion?
2Face: Yeah, I have always been into fashion. That's one of my things. Ain't nothing like waking up and seeing someone on social media rocking your brand. I like the fame of the clothes more than the money!
   Q: Do you feel as if your sense of style is different, being from New Jersey?
2Face: I wouldn't say that. I'm into all different types of shit! I walk into the room and I'm the flyest thing in there. I'll rock all kind of bright colors, while most Jersey niggas only wear dim colors.
Q: What audience are you looking to capture?
2Face: All audiences! I don't wanna put myself in a box. I want everybody to get a piece of this Villionaire.

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