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Nas was determined to be recognized as a heavyweight in the game, and his second album "It Was Written" did just that for him. "If I Ruled The World" featuring the immaculate Lauren Hill took over the airwaves instantly. The rest of It Was Written was also legendary, and just like that Nas had two CLASSICS on his hands. "Affirmative Action" gave birth to the rap group "The Firm", as Foxy Brown and AZ laid down epic bars over impressive production. "I Gave You Power" became one of the most talked about songs, as Nas rapped from the perspective of being a gun. "Weeks went by and I'm surprised Still stuck on the shelf with all the things that an outlaw hides."
The year was 1994, and Hip Hop was transforming into a nationwide phenomenon. Nasir Jones aka "Nas" hit the rap scene with a flow that was formulated by strategic wordplay. His first album "Illmatic" was an instant CLASSIC! His ability to tell stories with HD clarity immediately pushed Nas ahead of the game! Songs like "Represent" and "One Love" changed the temperament of Hip Hop music. While Nas's lead single "It's Yours" generated radio buzz, Hip Hop giants like The Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie were already claiming their spots amongst the elite.
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