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  Nas Escobar had been summoned by Hip Hop royalty to race for the title of being "King Of New York!" Jay-Z had just released "Reasonable Doubt", and The Notorious Big had been on a terror terrorizing every track that he touched. With the hype behind both Illmatic and It Was Written, Nas focused on the emergence of The Firm. The compilation album self titled "The Firm" was released in 1997, and outside of the initial single "Phone Tapped" it didn't receive much buzz. On the underground circuit, a quiet war was brewing between Nas and his childhood friend "Cormega." The Queens Bridge native was once a mentioned member of the The Firm, but when the album dropped Cormega didn't appear on one song! In interviews, he attempted to bash Nas for not being as supportive of his career as he should've been. Being replaced by up and coming rapper "Nature" only infuriated Cormega, and he later dropped a dis track called "The Real One Love." He accused Nas of being a fake, and said that his earlier raps from Illmatic were all tales that he didn't live.
Nas still continued to thrive in the industry, dropping another CLASSIC album "I Am." "Hate Me Now" featuring Sean "Diddy" Combs called out the haters, as they thoroughly swagged on them in Bentleys with minks on. "Favor For A Favor" found Nas exchanging bars with "Scarface", and the vibe of the record was legendary. "Money Is My Bitch", "Undying Love", and numerous other songs made I Am a push play.
I can't say that every one of Nas's albums have been official, because with time comes mistakes. "Nastradomus" was his first stumble, because Nas seemed to be trying to show a versatility that wasn't required from him. On "Project Window" featuring Ron Isley, he gave us a vivid depiction of the QueensBridge projects. "Come and Get Me" resembled the Nas flow that we had all fallen in-love with. He rapped "So play tough, I want y'all to get outta line I got nines, every color, shape and design." Rumor was that song was an indirect shot at rapper "Jay-Z", who coincidentally dropped a song with the same title that year.
Nas's career is too long and meaningful to recap every moment that has gotten him to this point. Starring in the hood classic "Belly" beside DMX was another highlight in his legacy. From surviving beef with Dipset to bodying Jigga with his iconic dis record "Ether." Nas has definitely had an impact on the game, and you can't shout out Hip Hop without shouting out Nas Escobar!!!

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