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 Q. We see you are in the studio now. So are you working on any new projects? Ans. I'm plotting out a few projects and working out my next steps on how I'm going to move with the songs I have now. I'm working with people, the studio, engineers, things like that. Just broadening my horizon trying to be the best artist that I can be.
Q. We love seeing your work ethic, especially being young. You've told us about the artists you look up to. Tell us who your audience is? Who do you see that looks up to you? Ans. Well, I ain't gonna say they look up to me. I could say my audience likes the vibes that I put out with my music. I try to make music for all people, a neutral audience, and the young people the most. I try to make music with a good vibe to it—clean lyrics and something that can definitely put you in a good mood. I think people who look up to me could be up and coming artists, that's just starting. They can take me as an example. I'm still doing the same thing they're doing. I'm still fighting.
Q. One last question. How has 2020 affected your career and your music? Ans. I'm taking this time to get my music better. Get my voice stronger, put in more work, and just prepare myself. I remember an older gentleman that I used to work with; he was around 60. He asked me, "What is success?" And I said, "I really don't know." He told me success is when opportunity meets preparation. So I took that as I got to stay prepared. So I have just been using this time to prepare as much as possible.
Q. We are looking forward to hearing more from you very soon. Where can we find your music?
Ans. I have music on all platforms. The song that is trending right now in Richmond is Spaceship. To find that just type of Hasan and Spaceship. I also have a single called Faded. I have a video that's going to be dropping to that pretty soon. Also, I have a song that I had made a couple of months back called Unnecessary. There's a good number of new tracks in the vault. We're just planning out the next single that I want to release, but there are big things on the way.

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