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           In Love
      with a
Dear Erica Mena,
I've searched through publication after
publication for the perfect female VIXEN
to be featured on the cover of
M.A.D.E Collections Magazine. After
watching you on Love and Hip Hop, I
confess to crushin on your personality
and bossy attitude. Not to mention,
you're drop dead gorgeous!! I watched
as your body told a story of its own, and
I was totally mesmerized by the
My infatuation with you has grown since
then, and I found myself being jealous
of your layouts in other magazines. If
only you would give me a chance to
wow you with my universal poetry, our
first encounter would be mind blowing!!
I would take you on a date roller skating around the rings of Saturn, then we would sit on the edge of a crescent moon and pitch stars into the milky way. I would purpose by offering you a ring made of the sun, then sex you on a bed of clouds before we drifted back down to earth!!
I know you're thinking What da f#ck?! But a romantic imagination is all my incarcerated heart can offer you right now. Your pictures have been my escape night after night, so I gotta salute your backshots as well as your modeling career.
Please keep taking those photographs that display your beauty, because you've become my unicorn within the industry and I won't stop until I have you seductively posing for the pages of M.A.D.E Collections.
Until then Erica Mena, I'll continue to check for you and your movement.
Your Biggest Fan,

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