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   Obtained my GED
13 years infraction free Completed numerous programs
Retained a job for over 10 years and am currently Pod Laundry worker
Currently in advanced electrician class, in which the professor has guaranteed me employment upon my
Paid all restitution
Expressed my remorse for my wrong doing in the robbery
Established a non-profit, Lump’s Love
Currently writing my autobiography, Charles W Ferguson, The True Story of Ending Up Behind Bars Was the subject of a DOC study regarding the development of young offenders to adulthood while incarcerated
On January 1, 2019 I was blessed to meet a woman who eventually restored my hope, strength and self- worth. Nicole allowed me to tell my story without judgement and looked pass my flaws but most importantly examined the unjust actions of the judicial system. She pledged to devote her time to learn more about the criminal justice system resulting in her interest and passion now for advocating. Since our relationship began 1.5 years ago she has prepared and submitted a conditional pardon on my behalf, started a social media takeover to tell my story, attended bill sessions advocating for parole, juvenile amendments, etc. while soliciting for additional support to advocate for my immediate release or commutation to a lesser sentence resulting in an obtainable release date.In closing I would like to send out encouragement and positive vibes to all of my kings and queens behind the wall. Stay focus, take classes, surround yourself with peers that educate and inspire, mentor others and develop short and long term goals that will remind you of your worth. When you feel yourself questioning your strength to keep pushing remember these quotes, “I may be in prison but I will not embrace imprisonment”, “My FREEDOM is wherever I decide to take a trip to in my mind”, “When you can love without the physical you have mastered the meaning”, “My location,life experiences and status don’t define my worth, I do”, and “When you’ve viewed freedom as the impossible for so long it is breath taking to capture it as a possibility”.
Please join forces and become a Ferguson Fighter by the following options:
“Like” and follow my social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all searchable by Free Charles Ferguson. Sign my petition at the following link
Send any pro-bono post-conviction lawyer referrals to
They can be one of the first attorneys to be granted a Writ of Innocence approval under the new July 1 st laws. Support my non-profit, Lump’s Love. My organization is directed to eliminating the school to prison pipeline for our youth. We donate both monetary and time to well deserving organizations that support similar beliefs.

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