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  What's up everybody? Just want to drop a few lines to let you all know what's going on (and what's been going on) behind these fences. I have been down on this bid since August 3rd 1991. Yeah, almost thirty years now, and believe it or not, it seems like yesterday. I can still remember that day I got this time like it was a second birthday or something. In a way, it kinda was a birthday. It was the day I had to become a man, because I knew I had to do this time. At that time I was 23 years old, but I was not a man then, because I was still doing foolish and childish things. What's so crazy about it is before I got this time for doing two robberies of Subway Sub Shops in 1991, I had just finished doing a little over five years at Southampton For grand theft of an automobile, parole violation for a daytime breaking and entering of a store in Portsmouth, Virginia, and a possession of a weapon charge that was given to me before I left Southampton.
I did not learn anything during that bid, because I was too busy doing foolish things, and I did not care to take the time to learn something that could help me the rest of my life. Take time to learn something!
I have been fighting with the courts ever since, trying to give back this bogus time. I'm from Norfolk, Virginia. I've been in and out of Roberts Park, living with my grandmother, (Ms Willie Mae Carter) my aunts, and my uncles. I have not seen any of them since 1991. They were all still young! If any of you are reading this, please contact me via jpay email.
For those out there reading this, don't be like I was. Don't do foolish things in life that cost you your family and loved ones. They're what's important and mean the most in life. Stay in good health, stay at peace, and God bless you all!!
-Thomas Langston
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