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 Here at M.A.D.E Collections we are a thorough representation of the streets, and we're always down to ride for the underdogs. Being an underdog doesn't mean the artist isn't fire, it just means that they're overlooked for the more commercial artists.
  "How can we have a conversation about wordplay in the rap game without mentioning "Jadakiss?!" Being one of the best in the industry is a fact for the punchline kingpin. His entrance into hip hop as one- third of "The Lox" was in 1997, and even back then, his lyricism was futuristic!! Sticking to his street- driven sound, Kiss has dropped a monstrous catalog of albums. However, he has never received the accolades that he deserves or commercial success. "Kiss The Game Goodbye" was close to being a classic album, featuring songs like "Knock Yourself Out," "We Gone Make It," and "You'll See." Nothing has held Jadakiss back, not even rap battles with heavyweights like Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent! When we think about the perfect flow complimented by a raspy voice, Jada comes to our mind first, and we gotta acknowledge that. So, shout out to the frontman of The Lox...Jadakiss is definitely Top 5 Dead Or Alive!!
"Lil Baby" is crushing the game in 2020, consistently dropping solid albums and laying flames on numerous features. With back to back appearances on the BET Awards and performances with DaBaby, Meek Mill, & DJ Khaled. Lil Baby is definitely the new era frontrunner, and the competition is getting lapped!! His latest effort, "My Turn," is a push play, and his lyrical content is on another level. "Grace" is an example of pure skill, how Lil Baby bodies the production with a wicked flow. Even the younger faces of hip hop are saluting his wave, and that's rare at a time when hate is the biggest motivation. All in all, we gotta tilt our hat to Lil Baby for putting the South on his back and giving value back to wordplay as he's approaching the top!!

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