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Q: Vh1 is legendary in the entertainment world, so I gotta commend you for being a representation of that brand. What is your job title?
A: EVERYTHING! I don't have one particular job title. Why characterize yourself as a rapper just cause you make one song?
Q: How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
A: It's different styles and ways. Back in the days they glorified sagging knowing where it came from, but judge new age rappers like 69. It's bias!
Q: Who were some of your influences growing up?
A: Everyone I've come in contact with influenced me, because everyone is different.
Q: Would you say that you landed your dream job?
A: My mind. Manifesting. I do whatever I want.
Q: What is your vision for 2020?
A: I'm here. The vision is already here!
Q: What can fans expect from you in the future?
A: I'm producing a show for a major TV network.
Q: For our readers behind the wall that wanna know, what's going on with the "Hit The Floor" cast coming back?
A: Written: Top 5 eateries in ya hood #1...SNOWBALL!
Q: We appreciate you coming through for us. M.A.D.E Collections is definitely following your personal wave! Anybody you wanna shout out?
A: My supporters, my family, and my fans!!

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