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         Q: Let's get right to the business my G! We hear that you may have a best seller on your hands. What is your book "Field Of Blood" about?
A: Lol...Yes, I do. The book "Field Of Blood" is about a young man who grew up alone in a cold world at its lowest levels of the 9th Ward in New Orleans, La, which was rated as the murder capital of America. He searched for love & unity with no father figure to teach him the way. His mother always prayed to God for a son, and when he was born she always treated him as a prince, but that made the world envy, despise, and reject him in many forms no matter how hard he tried to win its respect or love. Although the people closest to him preyed on his destruction, God always protected him well. The book is only part one.
Q: Is it easier to write music or literary content?
A: In regards to my first book, that's a great question. My music just as well as my book paints a picture of real situations and events. So, the book was easy! It just was hard to visualize the events that I've witnessed or experienced all over again when I tried to forget for decades. With music, your music is more tactical to keep your audience's attention. To me, they both are the same, but a book just takes more time.
Q: We definitely respect your wordplay when it comes to the flow. Who were some of your influences early on?
A: To God be the glory, thank you! My earlier influences as an artist are Run DMC, LL Cool J, Tupac, Scarface, Spice 1, Bustdown, and Pimp Daddy who are two New Orleans legends.

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