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    Q. In order to build a legacy, a person has to establish a solid foundation. Coming home from prison, you set the bar high by establishing multiple businesses. How did Defying The Odds come about? Ans. “Dfyn Odds” (pronounced defying odds) came about while learning to walk again. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in June 2016... According to the doctor, I had been carrying it for over 25 years. And because it had gone undetected for so long, I would possibly never walk again! Oh yeah, and that I would suffer acute memory loss... Mind you, this was conveyed to me on my 3rd day in the emergency room. Until this point, no one (not even me) had any idea what was wrong with me! I responded; you don’t know who or what you’re talking too! I had no more converse for him until I walked into his office almost a year later. During these 3 days in the emergency room, I quoted my lessons & measured my growth to that point in my life. Just the thought of what lie before me in learning to walk again at 42 years old outweighed it all - to me anyway!!! As a child I learned to walk, not knowing why or the value of being able to walk. At 42 years old though.....? I was going into my 22nd year of incarceration. The things that I could do with a basketball. Everything comes back to you in the darkness/unknown, thats why SILENCE is the loudest sound in the universe... So I turned this reputed vulnerability into the D_riving F_orce Y_ou N_eed in overcoming ODDS... That innate determination that comesfrom within yourself... Once I tabbed into it, I found nothing to be HARD in endeavoring. And the only complication comes with adjusting/ critiquing my approach.
  william"RAHIM" henderson
seohS yM nI klaW

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