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  Q: We both understand that it's levels to this game, and you gotta be at a certain level to be recognized. What are you striving to accomplish in 2020?
A: I'm striving to elevate to another tax bracket, and inspiring others to never stop no matter what it feels like or how rough the road is.
Q: Lyrically, who's in your Top 5 right now?
A: Hmmm..My Top 5? I don't really pay attention to artists. I really focus on myself, but major respect to Young Greatness, Takeoff, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill.
Q: Completely hypothetical. You got 20 stacks for a female collaboration. Who are you blowing that bag on..Kash Doll, Tokyo Jets or City Girls?
A: Kash Doll hands down. Her bars and delivery is big facts!
Q: It's been real doing this interview. Keep winning my G, and success will become your every step! Any last thoughts?
A: God is in full control and the ruler order all powers and principalities, and I am Jesus Christ's representative here
on earth!
Q: We definitely respect your wordplay when it comes to the flow. Who were some of your influences early on?
A: To God be the glory, thank you! My earlier influences as an artist are Run DMC, LL Cool J, Tupac, Scarface, Spice 1, Bustdown, and Pimp Daddy who are two New Orleans legends.
Q: What does "Gwalla Music" represent?
A: Gwalla Music represents growth from a record label I started in 2003, that was named "Nsane Entertainment." It represents serious business that's repetitively relentless with investing, marketing, and building its own blueprints in many different aspects. Gwalla Music business is always personal.

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