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william"RAHIM" henderson
2) Being in prison can also be a place to realize your full potential. Before your release, were you prepared for the business world? Ans. Absolutely! I literally sustained myself through my artistic ability. Greeting cards was my specialty. I also did handkerchiefs, decorated envelopes, made logos, drew on clothes, made pillows, did tattoo patterns, tattoos, etc. Creativity poured out in everything that I did. I was never in competition with any other artist, I created my own lane with prison greeting cards and the like. The material desired was always similar in that it expressed the same thing....i.e BLACK LOVE!!! And from so many different angles. So everything I drew became a pattern of some sort and these patterns were one of the only things that I brought home with me. My artistic endeavors in prison expanded beyond the gates and funded many lucrative business ventures. So it’s suffice to say that I was indeed ready for the business world.
3) What other business ventures do you have in motion? Ans. “DFYN_ODDS” is my parent endeavor. Under such is;INC GALLERY - Graphic art and design, logos, tattoo patterns, etc. All things artistic!B.I.B (Black Is Beautiful) - A coloring book series depicting BLACK LOVE of all sorts! Our babies need to see more of what social media fails to depict - i.e BLACK LOVE!CCO (Creative Chief Operator) and one of the brand ambassadors for IIWII gear.Partner, VOG (Voice Of God) Publishing. My branch mainly focuses on those imprisoned.Co-host From Prison To PromiseFounder, FROM BEYOND THE GATES. An upcoming
project giving a voice to those currently endeavors are forthcoming as well...
incarcerated.My Poetic Life the book series.Several other
Never heard from again - until either seen on the news or locked back up. I knew what I needed/desired for 22 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. Thus that’s what I’ve become... 5) Speaking of voices, I know that you’re working on
an album. What can the world expect from your
project? Ans. A different outlook on life! No
profanity, yet the point comes across just the same! I tell my story, from my perspective and based upon
the manner in which I lived it! I’m not a gangsta, thug,
or none of the such. NEVER WAS! NEVER WILL BE! So I
can't speak from that perspective. Salute those standing steadfast on being whatever you've chosen your allegiance too! I love word play, so it’s nothing to match words that
rap with other words. I find pleasure in expounding on my perspective of life. I give it like I live it! Nothing more! Nothing
4) Most brothers hit the ground running, and they forget
about their obligations
to those behind the
wall. You did the opposite, and
created From Beyond The Gates! How important was it for you to give prisoners
a voice? Ans.Imperative! So many years of
empty promises and
lip-professing forged
me into the change I
desired. Too many
dude’s went home talking about what they were going to do for brothers/comrades in the beast.
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