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Neutral Current Filter: This filter is connected in the CONCLUSION
neutral conductor between the site transformer and
the three-phase load to block all triple frequency ➤ Proper channelled efforts need to be made in order
harmonics, as shown in Figure 4. Because these triple to tackle the harmonic problem by installing tuned
zero-sequence harmonics are in phase with each reactors and/or filters after detailed analysis of ROI
other, they all flow through the neutral conductor, after monitoring the THD of selected sources over a
and it is more economical to block them in the span of time
neutral instead of individual phases.
➤ Proper regulations and penalties need to be levied
to prevent consumers from polluting the network
by injecting harmonics in the system


➤ Active Filters: When using active harmonic We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr.
reduction techniques, the improving in the power Kirit Rana (GM, L.T.) for his inspirational guidance and
quality came from injecting equal-but-opposite support throughout the course of this project. We
current or voltage distortion into the network, would also like to convey our sincerest thanks to Mr.
thereby cancelling the original distortion. Active Anjan Mitra (Sr. Manager, Mains), whose vision, zest and
harmonic filters (AHFs) utilize fast-switching leadership has remained instrumental in creating and
insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) to produce nurturing an environment of cooperation and technical
an output current of the required shape such that acuity. This project is his brainchild and no amount of
when injected into the AC lines, it cancels the words can ever convey his contribution to this whole
original load-generated harmonics. It could be process. Special mention must be given to Mr. Nirvik
classified as parallel or series AHF according to the Biswas (AMM, LTFMC) for his logistic support and on-site
circuit configuration. Active filters are ideal solutions leadership.
to handle harmonic diversity. But it is very costly.

➤ 519-1992 - IEEE Recommended Practices and
Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical
Power System

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