P. 5
A Study on the Impact of Harmonic

C 01 07Distortion in CESC LT System
C 02 15Analysis of Coal shortage in India during

the COVID-19 pandemic

C 03 21Case Study on the Repetitive Fault in a
50 MVA Power Transformer

C 04 27Experience on localization & Pinpointing of
Partial Discharge defects in 33 kV
underground cables using Online
Monitoring Techniques

C 05 33Installation of EHV Transformer in Extremely
Humid Weather Condition – A Case Study of
Moisture Management

C 06 39Introduction of Co-Axial Cable in Distribution
of Electricity to Combat Theft

Mathematical Model for Estimation of Steam
Leakage for High Energy Drain Valves
along with Standardized Check Points for

C 07 Better Utilization of Resources in

45Thermal Power Plants

C 08 53Online Axial Shift Measurement of
Main Oil Pump at the BBGS Unit# 3 Turbo
Generator Set

C 09 57Optical Fiber based Line Di erential
protection on Switched Communication
Backbone using IEEE C37.94 Standard

C 10 61Prioritization of Low Voltage Cases using
AI/ML techniques for CAPEX Optimization

11C The DSM Regulation 69
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