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 Letter to parents
Dear Parents,
Congratulations on the birth of your child! Your Catholic community rejoices with you in welcoming this beautiful gift of new life.
Now you are bringing your baby to be baptised. Baptising your child is a great gift, and a serious faith commitment. Thank you for honouring that commitment as Catholic parents.
Where one parent is of a different Christian denomination, or of a different faith tradition, we acknowledge with gratitude your support in this important matter.
Where adoption or other particular circumstances are part of your family situation, we acknowledge the specialness of your journey.
We also acknowledge that, for one reason or another, some parents are making this journey alone, without a spouse. We encourage you in your commitment and courage.
Baptism is the beginning of a journey, and it requires preparation.
This booklet offers a focal point for reflection as you prepare for the day of baptism. The reflections that follow:
• celebrate the gift of your child;
• explore the meaning of baptism;
• explain the ritual steps and symbols of the ceremony; • invite your thoughts and questions.
They also offer practical suggestions for prayer and for enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of your home.
The faith of the home is fundamental to your child’s journey as a Catholic. Baptism is not just a ceremony but a way of life. As parents, you are the prime teachers of your child as he/she develops a relationship with Christ and his Church.
May this time of preparation deepen your family’s experience of God’s love, and enrich the celebrations of your child’s special day.
Peace & Blessings!

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