Page 6 - Water of Life Infant Baptism
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  Spirituality in the home
Gaze upon your child
Here is the simplest of prayers: Gaze upon your child. Often.
God has called your child into being through love.
Your child is created in God’s image, and is a fruit of your love.
Contemplate this miracle. Gaze upon your little one.
Allow the wonder of your child’s existence to open you to the mystery of divine life and love.
I have called you by name, you are mine Isaiah 43:1
Introduce your child
In the Christian tradition names are important. They identify individuals, and they speak of relationships. In God’s eyes, no person is just a ‘number.’ Each one is precious, with a unique personal story. God calls each of us by name.
As parents, how well you know this truth! This child of yours is not just ‘any’ child. This child is your child, the one whom you love and call by name.
So, by way of introduction, tell us your name, and your child’s name. Then tell us something about your child. For example:
• How did you choose your child’s name? What does it mean? Why is it significant to you, your family story, your faith story? Or...
• How would you describe your child’s personality at this early stage? Or...
• Tell us one thing you love about your child.
In other words, in a few brief sentences, introduce us to this unique little person whom you have brought into the world.

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