Page 22 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2016-17
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Crossing swords
The great Eric Junkkari (C1) was at the Matador cup Final last Saturday. After a few beers, Eric knew his way to the Gents at North Sydney Oval well. After a series of visits Eric got to know the Channel Nine commentary Team pretty well, very well in fact. First up Eric has a chat to Chappelli in the gents and explains, with hand motions, how Chappelli washes his hands (or that’s what he says). Next visit he has a chat at the urinal with Tubby Taylor. If this wasn’t enough to scare off the Commentary Team next meeting was with Michael Clarke for a similar chat. We understand that the Commentary Team is hanging out (so as to speak), to get to Perth for the First Test and to use their private bathroom facilities.
“It’s nothing”
Taki Manolelis (B1) works and lives at Singleton in the Hunter Valley. How about this for commitment – Taki has a 4-hour round trip to get to the game and then home. When asked about the amout of travelling Taki just shrugged his shoulders and said ..”It’s nothing”. Great commitment Taki.
“Should we call the game off?”
Bill Peterkin was relaying a story from a “keen” Kanga parent who did a long-range weather forecast up until February 2017. This person mentioned that one of the weekends was predicted to be wet and asked if we should cancel that weekend’s play!
De Costi’s
Phil Wurth (A1 and of Seniors Presentation MC Night fame), just happened to buy a couple of bags of frozen fish gut that just happened to find its way into the bottom of Lachie Vile’s kit bag. Lachie isn’t the type of player to take his kit out of the car and let the gear dry so there the kit bag stayed...and stayed in 30 plus degree heat. Early in the week Lachie knew something was wrong and thought a rat had died in the air conditioning system but stoically continued to drive around each day. By Wednesday the cause was found. While some of the boys were having dinner at the Club Lachie was explaining the rotting mess, the maggots and the dry wrenching in cleaning it up. Retribution will come – it is called the A1 End of Season (EOS).
“And they didn’t give me a bowl?”
Ray Khamis (C2 Blue) had been making plenty of noises about being a useful bowler. He even asked his Captain to watch him bowl 3 balls before play to show that he could at least hit the pitch (which they
kind of did – though it would have been touch & go if there was enough on any of them to knock a bail off). Mid-way through the day, Matty Marsden (our 6th bowler for the day) bowled one of those balls that slipped from his hand and sailed over the head of the cover fieldsman. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ray chirped – “And they won’t give me a bowl?!” Ray eventually got a bowl and took 3/1 off 2.5 overs and won the game.
“My bat is older than half the Team”
Michael Banner (B1) made his debut in 1997/98 and has scored over 4,500 career runs with 5 tons – a pretty handy player! Volc uses one of those original Puma Millichamp bats that haven’t been seen this century. After scoring 73 in a 2nd wicket partnership of about 150 last weekend the big fella commented that his prized bat “ older than half the Team”.
“It’s like looking in a mirror”
An interesting conversation between B1 Club baldies, Michael “Fester” McGregor and Tim “Hollywood” Leyshon showed they are forming a ‘bromance’ like relationship. Macca complimented Tim’s general good looks and “shiny head” to which Tim replied with “It’s like looking in a mirror Macca”. They shared a laugh and started talking about previous shampoos they used to use. “Ahh.... the good old days” and everyone else slowly left them alone to let the relationship blossom.

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