Page 24 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2016-17
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Take your hand off it
Andrew Fiedler (C1) has taken lots of great photos that are on the website. His recent track record though is starting to make an impact – on his son, Mikey. In one match, Andrew went out to square leg umpire Mikey batting on 98 and the only shot he took saw him getting bowled – for 98. Fast forward to the following week and out comes the camera again for the same result – Mikey being bowled this time for 29. Both photos are in the Gallery.
Something about the 7’s
On his day, Joel Herzog (C2 Red) is as good as any batter in our Club. On Saturday he turned it on in the 1-dayer against Berowra with a high quality 147 single-handedly scoring more than the opposition. But.... there is something happening in the 7’s. Joel’s highest score is 197 back in December 2012. Fast forward
to this weekend and Joel gets 147. Now while this is a problem that most players can only envy an extra 3 runs in each innings would have given Joel a double ton and a 150 and a place in our history as being only the 2nd player in our Club’s History to get 2 scores of a double and also 150+.
Global superstar
During the ODI, Tis Mistry (B1) saw a commercial of Luna Park, which featured our very own Ashane De Silva. We approached Ashane at the game today and he claimed that he is not in just one commercial, but also in a McDonald’s commercial. Ashane also has his own agent, much to all of our surprise. On top of all of this, he has to grow out his hair for a L’Oreal Paris commercial in February, to which he doesn’t know if they will be cutting his hair, dying it, or styling it – but one thing for sure is he is getting paid huge money - superstar!
“Why do I play this game?”
After Michael ‘Volc’ Banner was hit in the head earlier in the day, he was nursing his face with ice for about 4 hours. We all felt sorry for poor Michael “Old Man” Banner as he claimed it was his day and knew he “would have scored 100 easy”. Still groggy, Volc was asked how he felt about cricket now and if he would wear a helmet for the first time in 19 years. He mentioned that he hated wearing a helmet, but that the game of cricket has caused him nothing but “pain” over the years. “I’m old and fat and got hit in the face. Why do I play this game?” Luckily for Volc, he has a week away next week to recuperate and be back feeling better the next week.
Quotes of the week
“The ugliest girl on the planet...”
Got to hand it to Phil Wurth (A1) who was recounting his younger days. When he was 12 years old he mentioned how his mum, a perceptive lady, told Phil, on his 12th birthday, that had he been a girl he would have been “...the ugliest girl on the planet”. Time has obviously treated Phil kindly as compared to boys in A1 he ranks up there in the beauty stakes.
Job interview
“At my job interview yesterday I was asked “what’s your greatest strength?” “Anything on my pads,” I replied. I’m confident I’ll get a call back.” – Grade Cricketer.
“This doesn’t look good”
Rick Turner (B2 Captain) turned up at Gilroy College looking to defend our 97 runs scored the previous week on an oval that had ankle length grass. As he came over the hill at Gilroy not only had the grass been cut but it was burnt to be like a road and hence the comment.

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