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KANGA Report
2016/17 saw us conduct and conclude our 25th In2Cricket (Kanga) season, a huge achievement for everyone involved – There have been many people over this time that have put a huge amount of effort in to make this a success, the fact we continue each season and go from strength to strength is directly related to all the hard work put in by these people.
We finished the season with 123 boys and girls registered allowing us to have 10 Teams. Since starting in 1992/93 we have now registered 2,445 children, all who have been given exposure and the basics to play cricket for the rest of their lives.
Prior to the season starting we again ran our School Development program that saw our Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches run skills sessions for our Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2 children at many of the local schools. A special thanks to the Principals of Cherrybrook, West Pennant Hills, Oakhill Drive, John Purchase Public Schools and St Agatha’s. To be able to have the opportunity to run Cricket introduction sessions during school periods adds tremendous value in introducing children to cricket and building on the strong relationship we have had with these schools for a number of years.
For many of our children and Parents this was their first taste of cricket. We again ran our Level 0 coaching program and this gave some of our new Coaches and Managers the introduction needed to run their
Teams – Many thanks to Nick Bennett, Gavin Taylor & Lachie Vile for giving up their Sunday Morning to run the session. It was great to see all games run like clockwork with lots of involvement from parents and supporters. The sessions each week were a lot of fun and it was great to see the children and family support right until the end.
We changed things up a little and added in a skills days which was extremely popular and will definitely return next season. The kids loved going from activity to activity and having the opportunity to learn from different coaches – Unfortunately the weather gods weren’t on our side especially after Christmas and we were unable to run more of this style of session.
None of the amazing work that happens to facilitate Kanga would be at all possible without all the volunteers. This year we ended up having 11 coaches and Managers, a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for giving up your time to help so many other kids out each and every Saturday, I know the kids all appreciate everything you have done for them.
The children enjoyed the season thoroughly and learnt everything they did because of you guys. It was very clear to see the skill levels from the start of the season to the final weeks had increased greatly. A big thank you to all the parents, your help and assistance made each week run much more smoothly.
There are 2 people I must thank individually for all the help off the field that they have given to me: Firstly to our Boss Lady Sarah Bridge, you have been a saviour on so many occasions helping keep everything on track and making sure all the teams were sorted and also to Anthony Gray who has now acted as the Head Coach for the past 2 seasons – Thank you mate, your assistance with everything from checking all the kits to helping teams out when people were away to just being a great sounding board is very much appreciated.
We hope to see all the boys and girls back out there playing cricket again this season. Once again thank you to everyone involved for all their help and support.
Bill Peterkin Director
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