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This season saw the completion of our 86th season and is my 32nd year as Chairman of our great Club. When I look at where we are today and where we have come from, I get inspired by what has been achieved. We have been fortunate to have so many quality people lead us across all Divisions over many years. Our present leadership team though is one of our best and I commend each of these leaders and their quality team of volunteers for their outstanding contribution to our Club.
Our leadership team will share the season achievements of each division with you in this report. There are though a few highlights that I would like to mention.
Our Club has an amazing history. Ross Anderson has documented this history in a piece of work that has been compiled over 30 years and taken many thousands of hours of effort. It is a remarkable snapshot of our people, the stories and their achievements. When you get a chance, have a browse on the website and you will get an appreciation of what makes our Club so special.
Life Members – James Makin and Bill Peterkin
There have only been 22 Life Members inducted in the Club’s history – it is the highest recognition that we can give to those people who have made a significant contribution to our Club over a long period of time. This year we have 2 worthy inductees:
James Makin (our 21st Life member)
James started playing Juniors for us in the mid-1980s in the U14s and started playing Seniors in 1989/90 – just on 30 years ago. He has played Seniors continuously for 25 years. In terms of specific achievements, James has:
• Captained A1 Grade to a Club record 4 consecutive Premierships, an A1 Runners-up, an A2 Premiership, 2 First Grade T20 Premierships and a Runners-up T20. He is our most capped Premiership Captain
• James has also made a significant contribution to our Club over many years:
- Seniors Deputy Director since 2007/08
- Developed the A1 Grade Player numbering system where every player selected in A1 has a unique playing number in the order they have played going back 66 years
- Evolved the Club Wisden into a sophisticated historical data base
- James sets standards of behaviour and on-field grace that has been commented on by opposition teams and also umpires.
Bill Peterkin (our 22nd Life Member)
Bill (pictured left below) started playing Juniors with us from the late 1980s and played Seniors in 1992/93. Some of Bill’s achievements are:
• Seniors Deputy Convenor between 2002 and 2006
• Seniors Treasurer between 2009/10
• Taking on the Kanga Director’s role since 2015/16. Bill volunteered to fill a gap when asked and ran Kanga with many of the administrative records and operational details unobtainable due to illness.

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